What to ask before buying browline eyeglasses

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Eyeglasses are now being used for medical purposes and fashion. They come in different shapes, styles, patterns, and colors to cater to the needs of other individuals depending on their skin tone and the shape of their faces. Some of the common eyeglasses at the moment include round glasses, oversized glasses, vintage glasses, tortoiseshell glasses, and browline glasses, among others. Browline glasses are those whose rim is thick and bold and resembles the shape of the eyebrows. Often the lower part of the lens does not have any frame. These glasses come in different colors to accommodate individuals with different skin tones. When purchasing browline glasses, several questions may pop up, including;

Which is the ideal face type for browline glasses?

When used wrongly, eyeglasses could make an outfit appear bulky and all wrong; this applies to medical glasses and those used as fashion accessories. Therefore, it is important to understand your face type before purchasing eyeglasses and selecting the style that will make your face look more balanced and help your facial features to stand out. Browline glasses are ideal for individuals with oval face shapes; these glasses highlight their upper facial features and help balance their faces. The thin lower part of these glasses creates a softer touch and look to the face. It is important to avoid oversized browline eyeglasses as they would make a face appear bulky and unbalanced in individuals with oval faces.

What are browline glasses?

Browline glasses are timeless eyewear that has evolved over decades to be among the most stylish eyewear in 2022. In the 19th century, these glasses were associated with career women, the alpha females that took up jobs when women were meant to be homemakers. These glasses came in bold colors and prints and were often used by these ladies to complement their outfits and make a statement. Currently, browline glasses can be used as a fashion accessory and with prescription lenses. Though large, they are made with light material, making them quite comfortable and easy to wear for long periods.

What face shapes match with browline glasses?

Browlines are ideal for individuals with longer foreheads; they help create an illusion of a wider and a shorter one and thus balance their faces. However, this does not mean people with other face shapes cannot wear them. Some of the face suitable face types for browline eyeglasses include;

Oblong glasses

Oblong faces are also referred to as rectangular faces; however, the difference is that they are longer than square faces. Individuals with these types of faces also have curved chins while their jawline and cheekbones are the same widths. Browline glasses help create an illusion of a wider and shorter face for these individuals and thus making a face appear more balanced and uniform. These glasses always highlight the soft features and the structure of the face.

Diamond face

People with diamond faces have prominent cheekbones and angular jawlines. Since these individuals have a very narrow forehead, the browline eyeglasses add extra bulkiness and even the forehead. However, please do not settle for oversized browline glasses, as they will even out the attractive features of your diamond face.

What should face type stay away from browline eyeglasses?

Heart-shaped faces should never settle for browline eyeglasses; they will always struggle to fit them, and the forehead might be exaggerated. With these glasses, the forehead would become too large that it would be impossible to ignore it. If you have this type of face, always settle for glasses that do not have prominent and bold rims.

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