The Buy Ffxiv Gil Diaries

Gil is one of the key components to successfully playing any video game, being essential in terms of housing, gearing and obtaining food and potions for raiding. Ample Gil also helps avoid difficulties associated with procuring certain items in-game.

Most players make their gil in Final Fantasy XIV via missions, guildleves and dungeons; this requires time and dedication in order to acquire sufficient funds.


Many FFXIV players rely on Gil to fund their adventure, from equipping their class to buying catchup equipment when the iLvl cap increases or stockpiling consumables for endgame content. Possessing plenty of this currency also enables players to teleport quickly across the map as well as purchasing ingredients and items off of market boards more easily.

Crafters have various ways of earning f14 gil, from selling runs to guildleves and dungeons to FATEs and Allagan Tomestones – each option offering different profits, especially at the start of a new patch where items are brand new and command higher prices than usual.

Players can earn Gil by completing daily MSQ quests and leves. Furthermore, Treasure Maps often yield significant earnings as they often provide materials needed by crafters that can then be sold for large profits on the Market Board.


Final Fantasy XIV’s Gil economy is one of the most engaging and diverse of all MMOs, enabling players to generate plenty of Gil just by engaging with gameplay – questing, gathering and even using the market board will generate plenty of Gil for players.

Players also have various ways of earning more ffxiv gil, such as crafting and dungeons. Questing can also provide plenty of Gil-making opportunities; most story missions, dungeons and raid boss chests will reward players with significant sums of Gil as rewards.

Market Board is one of the best ways to generate an ongoing stream of Gil. As new content emerges regularly, selling your old gear can provide extra income. Please keep in mind that prices can differ across servers and DCs so it is always advisable to investigate your local market prior to diving in head first – take your time adjusting before diving in! It will take time to learn everything there is about trading here so be patient as this process takes time!


Final Fantasy XIV makes use of weapons and armor as an integral part of its gameplay, from providing damage against enemies to aiding survival and crafting equipment that makes players better. Acquiring these items requires Gil, the in-game currency.

Gil is earned through missions, guildleves and fulfilling duties on the Duty Finder. Players may also obtain it by killing monsters, purchasing rumors from the Moogle vendor, killing monsters themselves or participating in various errands.

Like other MMOs with non-RMT currency systems, FFXIV’s non-RMT currency system adds additional small Gil sinks into core gameplay than WoW’s main source of expenditure: repairs and flights. For instance, it rewards players for doing dungeons and trial roulettes by giving extra Gil bonuses; additionally when their In Need bonuses increase it adds new ways for them to spend their Gil such as purchasing high level gear when the iLvl cap increases.


Gil is an essential currency in Final Fantasy XIV. Players use it to purchase weapons, armor, houses, furniture and mounts; upgrade weapons and summons; purchase new houses; furnish existing ones and purchase furniture items – although amassing an ample supply can prove challenging.

Contrary to most MMOs, Final Fantasy XIV features several small Gil sinks integrated into its gameplay – such as an aetheryte teleport network and Duty Roulettes. Furthermore, there is an active market where items can be bought or sold.

These factors make it an attractive option for players looking to enjoy their game the way they choose without having to worry about money issues. Ample gil also enables players to travel freely between servers, stockpiling consumables quickly, catching up quickly on new content quickly, and making gaming even more fun!

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